trap out in progress, and Q's

captstinky(9 WCentral)August 26, 2010

doing a trap out for my 6th grade Math teacher. I'm 34 now and a teacher myself.

Their house is concrete block, so we went with trapping out rather than cutting out. Now, I've just celebrated year one with bees, and know just enough to cause some trouble. I've got three hives going at home.

The trapout is under an eve, with a gutter/downspout just in place to be in the way. I squeezed a 5-frame NUC into place, with a frame of brood as bait. After 6 days, mostly of rain, I pulled the NUC out, checked it- it has 3 full frames of bees. Wire cone is full of traffic. It looks like there is a good number of bees here.

At what point should I pull the frames of bees off the trap, to keep depopulating the hive in the wall? When comb is drawn, or when bees are there? Is it wise to add a new frame of brood?

With the NUC frames, what are decent options for adding to an existing hive for a fall flow build up?

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Keep in mind that getting the bees out of the wall is only the first step to a complete trap out. It's just as, if not more, important to get the honey out, too. Leave it in the wall and it will rot and draw pests. The homeowner will not be happy.

For this you need a strong, queenright colony in your bait hive. One that will rob the stores from the weak colony in the wall.

When they are running out of room in the nuc, remove frames of stores and add them to another colony. But first it needs to be queenright.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Can bees still go back into the wall?....if so, then you need to completely
seal up that it is a one way traffic [out] only..then queen will die out or
settle in the nuc? Then robbing should clean up the comb....hopefully?

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