lifespan of a bee hive, what to expect regarding hive

wildlifeinfoAugust 6, 2012

A month or two ago a swarm of bees made a nest near the roots of our olive tree's trunk in our patio. They are very busy going back and forth after the sun rises. We want to know how long the hive will remain there, and what we should expect regarding this hive. Will they go dormant in the winter? Will we get stung if we try to clip a hedge near the opening in the trunk? Should we wait for winter to trim the hedge? Will they take off one day or are they permanent residents? We know very little about bees but enjoy watching their activity.

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Are you in the area with Africanized bees? Outside hives are a hallmark of the African variety. The European honeybee almost never makes a hive anywhere but in a cavity.

If you have small fuzzy bees living in the ground, they are usually an annual phenomenon but will re-use the hole next year. These are not really aggressive, but will sting if you get too close or if they get tangled in your hair.

So far a trimming the hedge, if you are not standing in front of the opening and don't rattle the olive trunk, you will rarely get stung.

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