Hurricane Preparation

mrtulinAugust 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene, or at least her high winds, are headed our way. What is done to secure bee hives? Each hive consists of two brood boxes (deeps) and just one honey super. (shallow)

I have been neglectful...actually just really busy with work...and have not checked the honey supers, but I suspect they are near full, so the hive may be getting top heavy.

Does it make any kind of sense to check the honey supers tomorrow and remove them if they are filled or near so?

Close the tops, which are cracked open for air circulation?

weigh down and secure the hives with hopes they won't get blown over? Best way to secure?

And, indulging my worrywart side, what happens if they get blown over, besides having a bunch of really po'd bees buzzing around on Monday? What will I do?



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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Might be a bit late...hurricane is probalby almost over?

You got the idea,...take down empty supers, your brood boxes at this time of the year should be stuffed with honey and shouldn't go anywhere if you have a solid base they're sitting on.
I would be worried a bit with cover, weigh them down good with
more bricks or rocks. If all fails...all you can do is to salvage the pieces.

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no it was just arriving when you wrote. I had already piled heavy rocks on top. There were winds and some driving rain, but really no worse than a couple of big snowstorms we get each winter. However, not getting wacked by some mostly dead very large sugar maples made me feel very lucky. I'm getting them removed asap. I love them, the shade and their place with our 250 year old house. Would not love them crashing onto me while I'm in the bathroom.

Hope all is well up north. Is tonybeeguy still around/


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Sure he is...just busy.
I'm glad everything is OK...we sure can get attached to things and if bad luck has you, mother nature like a hurricane, things can turn in a hurry.
Things are fine up here, it's just sad to see that our short summer is over so soon, in about a week we can see frost already. I extracted my honey yesterday, 3 1/2 deep super....only had two hives and with one swarmed and a wet summer the crop wasn't so good but I'm still lucky to have some honey and caught 3 swarms, ...some insurance for winter again. Also collected some pollen.
It looks like the dwindled down hurricane is up in Canada now.

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