link to Newyorker article on honeybees

tonybeeguyAugust 7, 2007

Here's the link

Here is a link that might be useful:

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ccrb1(z5 IND)

not a bad story, but what's the deal in calling Drones "filthy?"

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Yeah, there were a few things I'd take issues with and a few I outright disagree with but overall it was interesting and informative. I've been interviewed a few times by local papers for various things like beekeeping and music and they never quite get the story right and always mix up some of the facts. such is life!

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Is it true that we just know why smoking bees makes them calmer. Others say- maybe its just a theory or folklore- that they gorge on the honey and that makes them placid (if a bee can be placid)

Tony, just for my info. what do you question and outright disagree with?

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Marie, Maybe the "loutish and filthy" drone comment was for dramatic effect(or an underlying guy bashing thing). I question a hive adding 75 lbs of honey in one week statement(maybe it's jealousy) I disagree as mentioned in another post about Italians having trouble producing enough honey for winter. Not all of my Italian packages produced surplus honey last year, but the three that did gave me well over 100 lbs of honey each, plus a full shallow super of comb honey. That was starting with 3 queens and 9 lbs of bees on almost all new foundation in the deeps and entirely all new foundation in the supers. I've heard various figures and have never counted three pounds of bees and will gladly be corrected if I'm wrong, but 3500/lb or 10,500 for a three lb package is the figure I've heard most often. I can't verify other facts stated, but I assume as a good reporter she did her homework. Her writing style was very enjoyable to read, and it was nice not to just have someone write about ccd and all bad news, but actually get out there and keep some bees with all of it's pitfalls and mostly pleasures, so I say congratulations to her. If you haven't read Bees in America, it's an interesting read by Tammy Horn that I'm currently into. It mostly follows the history of beekeeping in our country.

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