aggressive ground bees

Rosemunda(z5b Ontario)August 23, 2005

We have recently been bothered by some small bees (honey bee size) nesting possibly under the foundation of our shed. I disturbed the area one day while weeding and was set upon by a single bee. Since that time we have been 'attacked' by solitary bees on 3 occasions. They have flown right at us, about 4-5 feet off the ground, forcing defensive manoeuvers. I have been stung on the neck and had one buzz into the top of my head from behind. Fortunately I have hair! After these encounters we now come into the house and go out another door to sit in a different part of the garden. How strange to have one's leisure time controled by a small bee! These bees enter their tunnels from behind dense foliage, hence not on bare open ground as one might expect. Anyone else experiencing this? I am in south-eastern Ontario.

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treebeard(z5 MA)

Your unwanted tenants are most likely yellowjackets. They're ground dwellers, and they can be a (painful) nuisance. If you're of a mind to live and let live, then using an alternate entrance and exit from the house might be your best solution, as they're not about to go anywhere else soon...all the comforst of home right where you don't want them. Otherwise, you're faced with having to find a method of extermination that's quick and foolproof.

When we were foolish children many, many moons ago, we weren't quite as environmentally sensitive as we might be today, and pouring gasoline down the hole at night...and then ignition provided from afar, would normally do the trick...while burning and killing everthing else within reach of the flames. Brave and mighty were we...LOL! Today, we're far more knowledgeable, and we rely on chemicals sprayed from a can...LOL! Things really haven't changed all that much I suppose...

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I have 6 km of groomed trails on my farm where I walk my dogs and ride my horses. Every year, these wasps make a home somewhere on the trail, and I have no option but to destroy the nest as I've been thrown from a stung horse, and have had a dog with a hugely swollen leg from multiple stings. The first thing is to locate the entry to the nest. Then go back at dusk when the wasps are in the nest, and "bomb" it with a commercial wasp killer. It is a foam that is toxic to them, and you basically seal the hole with the foam. It comes in a aerosol can, and you can get it at most hardware stores. Good luck!

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There is a quick and easy method to get rid of them. Wait until night and they toss a handful of sevin dust into the entrance of the nest. When the bees pass thru the dust they track it into the hive and they will all be dead by morning.

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Hi....Last fall my dogs were attacked by bees multiple times. I had no idea what was going on each time...I thought they ran in through the doggie door, tearing thru the and out playing with each other until the 2nd time the one came in, she sat and tried scratching herself. I saw 7 very small dark colored bees on her that I swatted and killed. She immediatly had about 15 welts on her that continued to swell. I gave her benedryl and watched her the rest of the day. The other dog only had 3 stings. This happened twice. I determined the bees must be in the ground in the front yard. As I walked toward my front yard and had a couple chase me around the house and inside. There are no hives in my trees anywhere. These are not yellow jackets. They look like tiny honey bees but are dark in color and are very very aggressive. I have carpenter bees, hornets, yellowjackets, bumble bees...but these are none of those!! They sound like africanized bees I have read about, however, I live in update NY. Is this possible? Will they still be there this spring? If so, does anyone know how do I I get rid of them.??? They are vicious!!! And we are outdoor people....

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