many questions about Yellow jackets

gailuvscatsSeptember 29, 2009

I have an in-ground nest which I don't intend to disturb, however I do not want it to be a nest area next year.

I read the queen hides out for the winter, and reappears early spring, and locates a new nest site, and if you want to prevent future nests, you should trap her.

MY questions are, is she hiding at this same location? tucked into a crevice in my siding? Can I expect her to want the same plot of ground? (there is nothing to attract them, except maybe the sap from the Norway spruce?)

If I put out a trap with bait, won't I be inviting more yellow jacket families?

I never had a nest here before, and don't want it to be come a regular neighborhood, but I an skeptical about putting out alluring traps, and I really don't want to kill the queen. BUT, if it is likely she will return to the same general area, I will have to assert myself.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

You asked: "is she hiding at this same location"


They won't re-use the same nest.

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thank you. I am just wondering if they will build a nest 5 feet away or so from this one, in the general area? How close to the original nest is the queen hanging out for the winter?
I am trying to figure my probablilities of having a new nest in this general area, around 10 feet, by eight feet, under a big tree, next to the sidewalk, again?

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If they have a reliable food source near your house, they will return to somewhere near the food source. They eat sugary items, meat and other insects. If you have standing water where mosquitoes breed (in my case they hang out near the entrance to my honey bee hives and scavage the dead bees my honey bees clean out of the hive), open trash cans, recycle bins with soda cans, they all attract YJ's.

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