what is normal for hips?

Rosslimited(6a)July 30, 2014

When hips are grown & left in the ground in warm climates, do the leaves die down at all? Mine are in pots & Im wondering what is normal or what they do on there own?

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I live outside of Houston, TX and I have some in the ground year round. During warmer winters, they are green year round and mine bloom in April-May. In years when the winters are brutal, they lose leaves. I throw a lot of leaves over them for insulation (we had "snow" 3 times this year).

I grow most of mine in pots and they overwinter in the greenhouse where the temp is always at 45 or warmer. Those that I don't cut down stay green all year.


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I grow mine in pots also and I find that some lose their leaves in the fall or early winter and others keep most all of their leaves and grow as evergreens year-round.

Some of them just keep one leaf through the winter and then grow a full compliment of leaves again in spring.

Basically, I let them do what they wish and for the most part that means letting them grow as evergreens.

I always cut back on the water in the winter though, even if they do keep one or more leaves.

The bulbs that do lose their leaves get put in the garage until it gets too close to freezing which usually is a few months, in a good winter. I don't really find much difference in the re-blooming though whether I give them a cold snap or leave them in our furnace room with leaves, which is usually about high 50s.


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