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rick.dNovember 7, 2009


My dad has a nice big bunch of this bamboo in his backyard and he's forgotten the name. Hopefully these pictures are enough to identify the plant, if not I can take more photos.

In July of this year, I dug up two of the culms and transplanted to my backyard. It was 98 degrees that day and I now realize that I probably put way too much stress on these plants and probably killed one of them.

Within 3 weeks of transplant, one of the culms turned brown and lost all of the leaves. I left it in the ground to see what would happen. The other plant looked good and had almost no leaf drop.

About 4 weeks ago, the healthy culm sent up a shoot. I was so happy! That shoot is now taller than the original plant!

Today, I dug up the brown dead looking plant. As I was inspecting the rhizome, I noticed what looked like some new growth, little 'buds'. I'm wondering if this rhizome will send up new shoots? Is that possible with no leafs?

Here are some pictures:

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I think it's as clumping bamboo, probably a Bambusa. One possibility is Bambusa textilis. Take a look at the pictures in the link below and tell me what you think.

As far as the buds...yes, those look viable. You killed the culm, but not all of the rhizome, and it is starting to recover. You will probably get another plant out of this is you treat it right.

Here is a link that might be useful: B. textilis

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