Dead bees in wall - how to get rid of them

klambertSeptember 13, 2004

Unlike the other posters who have had problems with "live" bees in their siding and walls, we believe we have a bunch of dead bees in our exterior wall by the back mud room. There has been a rotten smell in that area for many months now (almost like something died in there), and the roof above that area is darker than the rest of the roof. My husband has tried looking in the attic above and crawl space below, to no avail. Should we contact an exterminator or beekeeper to help us? I'm afraid we'll have to pay to have the wall ripped apart and then replaced. We had this once before underneath a corner of our living room. Found the inactive nest in a basement storage closet -- took hours to get it cleaned up and did it smell! Help!! And thanks for any tips.

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Unfortunately a beekeeper or exterminator only can really remove or kill live bees. They can do no more than what you or a general contractor could do about the problem now. And unfortunately the only option I see is opening the wall up and removing them. Carefully cutting out sections of drywal will likely be much easier to repair than just ripping into the wall with a hammer.

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