Banana tree leaves dieing...

slice1December 22, 2006

I ordered a Dwarf banana tree two years ago, however it looks more like a Blood banana or a Brown's red banana to me so I don't know if they shipped the right item. Anyway, I love this plant and it thrives in the summer when I bring it outside. In the winter, I bring it indoor and put it under plant lights. Every winter, the lower leaves turn brown and die. Is it not getting enough light? Too much water? Not enough? Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a musa cavendish that I got this summer. They like a lot of humidity and a lot of water. I feed mine algoflash (it's organic, sells it as well as other mail order catalogs). Make sure to water it (keep it really moist). Don't worry, mine has yellowing leaves at the bottom, that is normal. Just make sure to fertilize it lightly, keep it well watered (I keep mine in a tray so it can have lots of humidity) and I give it some light from a grown light. As long as the other leaves are green and look good, don't worry about it. Banana's like water. Just don't keep them waterlogged ALL the time, they aren't bog plants. :) Also, keep them away from drafts. Hope this helps.

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