Advice for potted Banana

ColMonDecember 20, 2012

Hi all,

I'm up in southern New Hampshire. I recently took over my father in laws indoor plants. I set up some grow lights and rearranged things in the east facing solarium. He bought a pretty big potted banana tree in the late summer and it's been inside seemingly doing well since he bought it.
I have it by the window and I water it when it dries.
It has been growing new leaves regularly, they open very beautiful and a healthy green but yellow quickly then wither down to the trunk.
As they wither completely, should I just let them go or should I cut them off?
Along with some general tips, could you tell me what could be going wrong with the leaves?

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Here's another photo..

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any idea what type it is looks like a sikki to me that would help a bit with the care of it

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I don't know what species unfortunately...

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Keep the soil moist if the room is warm. Also if you have moved the plant this could be the reason for the leaves turning crispy. From your second picture I can see a vent on the wall. Does this vent blow hot dry air into the room? It looks as if it does and is hitting the leaves and drying them out. Move it away from the vent and try and increase the humidity. Leave the old leaves unless they show signs of fungus or disease. These leaves just look dried out, I'd leave them alone until more growth from the plant is evident.

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I agree with the above information. Just an FYI...It's an Ensete Maurelli if you care to know. Just stretched out and not as red from not being outdoors.

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I have 6 bananas in pots in my house and I keep them sitting in water all the time. They don't lose leaves and they're growing like crazy. If you do this, just keep water in the saucer, don't water from above. I also use a soilless mix so that helps.

I see you have a hibiscus like mine in the pic. It looks pretty bad like mine did until I found that you can't use commercial fertilizer on them. What you do is to put a rotten banana or 2 in a watering can that you use for the hibiscus. Let it set and water only from this watering can. It smells a bit but the difference in your plant will be amazing. Mine has leaves now that are bigger than my spread hand and it's flowering like mad!

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