Let's have more photos of crosses!

macroclemysJuly 6, 2013

This is the first year that I have performed any interesting crosses, so I have a couple of years to wait for flowers from my own seedlings. Until then, I will not grow tired of seeing pics of crosses performed by others. So if you have crosses that you haven't gotten around to sharing, please do. It doesn't matter if they are of even the the most common varieties, particularly when the parents are known.

I would also like to see more examples of flowers from seedlings produced by self-pollinated plants. Or if you have photos of ten different seedlings from the same cross, I would love to see them all. It is incredibly interesting to see the range of variation resulting from the same set of parents. ANYTHING will help keep me sane as I wait for my own seedlings to grow!


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Not a cross, but here is a flower from a seed of self-pollinated plant. Took about 5 years before I got them to flower (I really did not give them the best care), but they finally have started to.

The only real differences from the mother plant are that they have a slightly more orange color and that the flower petals tend to have more notches cut out of them.

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Thanks theonebluegecko,
What was its mother?

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Thanks theonebluegecko,
What was its mother?

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I had a cross bloom last month for some reason. It's not exciting at all. I was hoping there'd be something new to it but people did warn me that red was incredibly dominant.

I have that dislikes its own pollen and pollen of others. No matter how many time I pollinate the flowers, they don't seem to detect the pollen. Usually a flower shrivels right up once it has been pollinated. These flowers will stay open for days and then naturally die out with no pod. (That changed this spring! I had three pods that took! All selfed!) In 2010, One pod finally took and I was excited.

I had no idea who the father was. It was either selfed or it was crossed with the red amaryllis.

Then I finally got my answer when a maiden bloom popped up this summer, for some bizarre reason.

It's pretty sad looking but I know people say to never judge by the maiden bloom. I guess I was sort of disappointed because it's just pretty much 'another red' to me, even though it's different genetics. I selfed the flowers because there weren't any other amaryllis around. All the flowers didn't take. It probably inherited its mother's dislike for pollen. I probably won't know 'til next spring if it sends up another bloom for me to try again.

Sorry. Didn't mean to ramble. It was my first batch of amaryllis that I ever crossed.

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One of the reasons you don't see more photos on here is this sites statements you had to agree to, to join.Most of us have our photos on file server sites.Another of this sites problems is that they don't allow links to be posted.So,unless someone finds a slick way around it, or you search hippeastrum names you won't see many of the photos.

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@ dragonstone: the flower looks a bit like a cross with a red sprekelia, and i like it because of the narrow petals/sepals.

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This one has Magic Green as a parent, have no idea what the other one is!

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Rene09, Is this one of your crosses? It looks like a double Magic Green to me, is it a self of Magic Green?


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Yes Donna it was a self from Magic Green. I love it!!!

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