Bees Diving at Me

tucker303(z5CO)September 2, 2010

My neighbor set up a hive of honey bees this past spring. I was looking for to that as I have lots of flowers and I do not mind them much. But it seems that I have an issue of a few bees diving at me relentlessly. And my dog. The weather is wonderful today for the first time in awhile and I wanted to sit out back but can't.

I assume this is happening from her bees as it never happened before and I THINK they are coming from that direction.

Is there anything I can do except surround myself with smoke or sit under a sprinkler, that will make it possible to enjoy the some scent or something that annoys them? We live in the city and our yards are not huge but the hive is located at the other side of her yard.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

How many yards from the hive to your yard? Is it legal to have hives?...One or two hive's should normally not cause a problem, you're at the peak of the population of honey bees, from now on they will dwindle down rapidly and cold will come around in no time when they hardly fly.

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