Help! Killing my banana

GardenHelpDecember 3, 2012

Anyone have ideas as to what is wrong with my banana? It is around two years old. It occassionally drops leaves like a normal plant but this week all its leaves have started to turn yellow. I am afraid I am definitely killing it. Any advice?

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Looks like the classic symptoms of underwatering to me. During this last summer, I was so busy my potted dwarf cavendish banana went a week without water in 90 degree heat.
It never wilted, but the leaves yellowed and crisped from the edges just like in your plant. I just cut them off and new green ones came in again once I started regular watering again.

If you have been watering it enough, I do not know what the pronblem could be. Too dry air, maybe?

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Hidden Walrus: That could be it. I tried to cut back its water over winter but it may have been too severe. I will up the amount. Thanks.

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johnmcafee_99(z6 MO)

Check your ph. I water using my sulfer well water and had some lemon trees turning yellow because the ph was off the charts. Had to spread lime to blance things.

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Only cut back on water if temperatures are below 60 degrees and you are trying to send the plant into dormancy. In that case the plant stops growing, enters hibernation mode and is fine with almost no water for up to 7 months. If you cut back on water but keep it warm and well-lit however, the plant doesn't get the signal to go to sleep and still struggles to grow but without enough water cannot maintain its older leaves anymore. This is because what water it does have is sent to the more important new growth and there isn't enough to go around.

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