Can anyone identify this bamboo?

newbamboonutNovember 3, 2013

Greetings, I took two potted divisions from a large grove not too far from my house up here because the gentleman who started the bamboo garden moved out of state. He had some of the largest Moso in California as well as some very large vivax, incense bamboo, and others. I took 2 of these potted 1 cane plants that had been left behind and not watered all summer. They were (and are) really struggling although they have been in the ground now at my house for about a month and getting sun and affection. Hopefully they make it through the winter. I am hoping some of the bamboo experts on this forum could possibly help me to identify what species this is as I am not sure. My best guest is Babusoides because the culm seems very straight with strong walls. It has a slight mold/film on the culms which can be rubbed off but I don't know if that is typical of any particular species or every bamboo. The foliage sort of looks like Vivax to me (untrained eye) but the culms seem to be too upright and straight to me to be Vivax although since they were topped maybe they were larger and the first 9 ft or so of the culm was still straight. I'll stop rambling now and leave it to the experts here. I hope to identify since I have two of these in the grounds at different parts of my property now. Unfortunately since it hasn't shot yet I cannot aid in the description of the shoot. Thanks in advance for your time and expertise. (photos in link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of Mystery Boo

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That would be my first guess also, Phyllostachys bambusoides.

How large are those leaves?


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kentuck, thanks for your reply. you're always such a great resource to others on here i see. boy, as far as the leaves they are roughly 3-5" on average i'd say. can you rule out Vivax? i guess there wouldn't be too much to confuse it with other than vivax or bambusoides? thanks again!

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The leaves look a bit larger than my bambusoides or vivax here, but then differences in climate and growing conditions may be a factor in their size, and mine never reached maturity here.

Vivax has thinner walled culms and bambusoides is much thicker so you may be able to tell for sure after it sizes up some.

Either way, you have a beautiful bamboo there. Keep us posted on how it does as it matures.


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thanks kt!

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