super dwarf cavendish?

rhizophora(8)December 24, 2006

I've had great suggestions on identifying cavendish cultivars but I wanted to make sure if this banana is a SD cavendish.

The picture below shows a shoot coming from the upper part of the corm. Is this a sucker?

The picture below shows the whole plant.

The pic below shows the unfurled leaf.

The pic below shows the top of the plant and the leaf patterns.

And finally the pic below shows the base of the leaf.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Also, i've noticed that super dwarfs tend to have strong red splotches but mine has faint splotches and on top of that, a picture of a SDC the same size as mine has just green leaves indicating it was mature. So I'm wondering if mine is a SDC.

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I received a SDC in a trade, as it is getting bigger it seems to be getting more splotches. I've never grown this one before so don't know. Good luck with it, it is nice looking.
Tally HO!

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Those red splotches will vary depending on conditions. Your photos do look like a SDC.


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Thanks for all your help. I hoped it was not a SDC because I was into grwing normal size bananas but I have read that they can grow quite large.

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