whose growing bananas under lights?

nucci60(6 Ma.)December 12, 2006

Is anyone having luck with indoor (winter) bananas?

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brian_k(z6 OH)

Here's the greenhouse mid-October:

And now in December:

The naners have put out a new leaf every 2 weeks or so. It is fuller in there than it appears.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

brian nice set up. I am growing in a basement with 4 40 watt gro-lux tubes. really low tech. I am trying to get some growth before spring. I have a musa ensete that I think will be good size before spring. seems to like the gro lux tubes better than the rajapuri, sikkis, basjoo and zebrina. i am keeping it in a small pot, so it doesn't become a bohemoth too soon.

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Those are great looking bananas !!

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Wow, nice! I'm growing a musa cavendish inside, it's in a tiny pot and it's huge, ha ha! I just keep it watered and it's got a light in the room. It's about 2 feet tall now.

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