Dwarf Brazilian Banana - Can It Fruit in a Large Container?

john90808(z10 So Cal)December 16, 2005

A co-worker of mine has offered me a pup from his dwarf Brazilian Banana tree. He grows his in the ground and says it is about 12 feet high. I have been able to taste a banana from his tree and found it quite good. My question is, can I successfully grow this variety in a large container to produce fruit? If so, what would be the minimum size container? Any other advice that you can offer would be greatly appreciated since I have never grown bananas before.

Thanks in advance for all of your inputs!

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

My Dwf Braz has about 5-6' of trunk. I would think a 24" box would be a minimum size to have some prospects of being large enough. They have been grown in 5 gallon buckets, hydroponically, but it is a delicate balancing act. The smaller the container, the more carefully you have to balance water, fertilizer, etc.

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Just to see if it can be done, I tried this as an experiment. This is supposed to be a Double Mahoi...it didn't double, so I really can't be sure. It's growing and fruiting in an 18" diameter and 18" deep pot. The main trunk is 4 foot tall.

It was planted as a one foot pup this past April and it's fruiting so I now know it can be done. So give it a shot.

The only problem that I can see with the 12 foot tall variety is that it's going to be top heavy and might have a tendency to fall over. You'll definately need a bigger pot for that size and might want to try and stabilize the container somehow...

...here are a few pics...

...it has 3 pups left on it now and I've already removed a few and planted them in the ground...

...and the fruit

...good luck...Z

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john90808(z10 So Cal)

Thanks for the information and pics! I think I have found a spot in my yard that I can plant the tree in the ground. It is south facing with ample sun and good drainage.

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I live in Newbury Park north of LA and I am looking to buy several Dwarf Brazilian banana trees. Anyone out there have them for sale. Also looking for Misi Luki Bananas and Papaya plants (Red Lady) variety. Also pineapple. Can anyone help me. Thanks

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