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blue265(z6 Toronto)December 29, 2005

Hello all,

A friend bought me a small gift box for Christmas that's called Purple Banana Tree. It says that this particlar kind of plant is the most possible type to grow fruit indoors. I have no idea what kind it is but assume it's probably a SDC? In any case, it came with three banana seeds and some soil and says to soak overnight, then plant seed in the soil and can take 30-90 days to germinate. I was just wondering if there are any other ways to germinate. I usually like to germinate other plant seeds in a glass with a wet paper towel. I add water every few days and have had much luck in germinating this way but have never had banana plant seeds before. Any ideas on the best ways of germinating? Thanks for your help.

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laterita(7b Holland (dr))

I think you have Musa velutina seeds.
I water them 48 hrs in 30C water, after that I put them in soil, not too deep and moist.
If you keep it warm and light, they will germinate, but this may take a while. Fresh seeds in about 2 weeks, older seeds may take a year...
I've never used a paper towel for this.

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blue265(z6 Toronto)

Thanks for your help Simon. Thanks also for your input on what plant the seeds are. I did some searching beforehand, and thought that they might be Musa Velutina since the fruit are described to be velvet purple on the package. Hopefully thats what they are, since I already have enough SDCs! I am going to try soaking them for 48 hours before planting as you have done. And maybe one I will use the wet paper towel trick to see how it does.

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I bought some banana, palm and bamboo seeds can you help with the best way to germinate these seeds.
Many thanks,

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