Little White Things on Bananas?

thailanderDecember 5, 2012

There are these little white things on the bananas, apparently some kind of parasitic insects. At first I thought it's mold, but it's not.
Does anyone know what exactly these are? They don't seem to cause any damage to the banana apart from the outer layer of the peel and the bananas are still edible even with these things on them.
Note: this is in Thailand.
Thanks :-)

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mealy bug

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Those are definitely nasty little mealy bugs. They will suck the life out of your banana in time. They reproduce like wildfire too and are difficult to rid. It is best to cut off all the infected leaves and throw them away, not to the compost. If the banana is growing in a container repot it in fresh soil. If you have two leaves that are touching, cut off one. Where it is dark, warm and moist the bugs will live and prosper. Keep the leaves far enough apart that you will havve ample air flow. Hope this helps.

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