Exposed Bulbs

AuntJemimaJuly 2, 2013

I noticed alot of members expose alot of the bulb when planting and was going to do the same to help with bulb rot.

I just wondered if you have peeled it down to the green (or white layers in some of my cases) will it be ok exposed indoors as the winter might get quite warm and dry due to the heating... will that affect the bulb at all?

I notice some places cover the bulb with moss... what kind of moss is that and is that for decorative purposes only or does it serve a purpose?

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Peeling bulbs does no harm to them at all, all good! As for newly exposed green or white tissue, it will turn green and then eventually brown (which is what they are supposed to do) after several months.

Peeling new bulbs even if the skin is nice and tight can sometimes uncover small areas of rot that left alone might go on to harm your bulb. I am a chronic bulb peeler (as are many others). Of course sometimes the skin is so tight that it's impossible to remove the top layer without removing the healthy layer underneath. Then I leave them alone.

I just wouldn't expose a newly peeled bulb to the direct sunlight though as it would probably burn.

Some cybisters when newly peeled will turn a pinky- lavender color from exposure to the light,.not to worry,that too will pass....


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Thanks for the tips, guess I was trying to spoil them too much with putting moss on them. XD

So once the skin goes brown, do you peel it again or leave it?

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No, you just leave it alone, you only need to peel a newly acquired bulb. Maybe again in a few years when the dead layers build up again and it becomes a place for insects to hide.. As for the moss, most people just use it for decorative purposes I believe...I've never bothered, but as long as it's dry I'm sure it wouldn't hurt...


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I ordered some Sphagnum moss which i first researched of course what/why/when and such. It is supposed to be very good in controling the upper layers of soil. Especially in our UK weather when you can't constatntly have the heating on to make sure the soil isn't damp.
And I know it stays damp for a very long time, this is why i think the Sphagnum moss is a brilliant idea which will help control the tom layer from getting invided by mold or fungus gnats. Of course occasional spraying with insecticide and fungicide will be taking place too.

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I don't think the moss will block gnats tbh. Even if you use grit or sand you need a cm of it to make sure they can't get under and moss is going to have pockets.

In the UK, isn't your heating on alot throughout winter?

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Not really no, our house is warm but its not above 20 degrees most of the time. We keep the temperature somewhere around 16 - 18 degrees. The plants love it but it doesn't allow the soil to dry fast enough so instead of watering them once a week I do once in two sometimes.

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Do you use plastic pots or terracotta? I find my terracotta ones actually dry out quite fast even in rooms we don't heat. In fact i found that i was underwatering some of them, especially the ones in smaller pots as they dry out faster.

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