Hornet or Bee Problem

rsav2009September 28, 2009

please forgive my ignorance.. I have a nest of yellow & black bees or hornets ( large & fuzzy). They live in a hole in the ground under a wood pile, anytime you walk near the woodpile, they come out and fly in circles around the pile. They are VERY aggresive!!Looks like there are hundreds of them in there. How Can I get rid of them without getting myself killed? I can see the area they come out from. Thanks for any info, Ro

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

If you can avoid the area until late in the year, perhaps even into January, the colony generally declines and dies on its own.

In mild climates, some kinds can stay for more than a year. So you could call your county's University Extension Service office to ask what they do in your region.

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Here is what I did... I was mad because I didn't know they had a nest there and got 8 stings... Woo.. Nasty. It hurt. Normally I would have poured some gas in their hole but didn't want to waste any gas so I waited until after dark. Boiled a large canning kettle of water. Took that out and poured it on that area. Next day I saw a few flying around their hole and did a rerun that night. That killed them off. They are evil and I wouldn't wait for anything except that evening and do them in.

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