Shipped in freezing temperatures

mellybee(6)December 22, 2008

I know nothing about banana plants, but my parents bought me a Dwarf Lady Finger banana. Unfortunately, it came today, when the temperatures didn't get above freezing at all, and the poor little thing was out in the mailbox for probably eight or nine hours. It was only packaged in a cardboard priority mail box, with a couple of layers of paper towel and then a plastic bag wrapped tightly with masking-type tape around the roots. Is there any hope for it?

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

well, it depends. How does it look now that it's potted up? Do the leaves on it droop and look transparent? if so , they've been frozen. If they look alright but a little droopy they'll probably be ok. Time will tell. Pot it in a well draining mix and put it in a warm sunny place. Water it in well and then don't water it again until the soil is fairly dry an inch below the surface.

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The leaves are brownish-green and droopy. I'm sure they're frozen. But the stem isn't squishy. Will it sprout new leaves if the ones that are there are dead?

I've planted it in a pot, but I'm not sure that I've planted it deep enough. All the roots are under the soil, but there's about an inch and a half or two of...I don't know what it's called...sticking above the soil. Like an amaryllis bulb, I didn't submerge the whole thing. Is that right?

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You just have to wait and see I had a Raja Puri that was
frozen to the side of the pot! But suprisingly in a month
it came back. If i was you i would still tell the sellers they knew not to ship that plant !

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