need info on musa little prince

mistushoes(z 7 Oregon)December 16, 2005

Hello to all.I have watched your site for years. Enjoyed all notes/ questions and comments.I have just this past summer gotten into Banana Plants. Have near 50 different variety.I have 1/2 acre back lawn I am using them in for landscaping. Did bring in for the winter.

My most prized is AE AE had a lot of looking to do to find 2.

My question for you all is, does anyone know anything about the MUSA LITTLE PRINCE. I just got one and am unable to find any thing much about it. Thanks for info available

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laterita(7b Holland (dr))

Little Prince is a cultivated dwarf cavendish banana, which is not very easy to keep. It is a variant of 'Novak' derived from tissue culture and known as 'Little Prince'.
Novak was the first tissue cultured Super Dwarf Cavendish plant, named after Dr Frantisek (Frank) Novak.

Here is a link that might be useful: More info:

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mistushoes(z 7 Oregon)

Thanks Laterita. I did check out the link and really do not see a lot on it either.
Looks like I paid for a diamond and got a fake. HA

I bought the plant along with another plant from a nursery on computer paid $20 for it. I have sent 2 e mails to them asking for information on the plant and got no response. Next one I send will let them know I think they ripped me off. Im sure will do no good but will make me feel better.

I have a much nicer dwarf Cavendish that I got on e-bay much cheaper.
Thanks again for your info.I see you are in the Netherlands.

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Gabe15(z3-4 CO)

Musa 'Little Prince' is however different from the standard 'Super Dwarf'. Basically, you can think of it as a "Super-Super Dwarf Cavendish". Its very hard to grow and fruit is nearly out of the question if you can even get it to maturity (which is about 1-2ft tall).

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mistushoes(z 7 Oregon)

Thanks Gable, Well maybe Im not to bad off after all. It is about 2 ft tall and is a pretty old one if the stalk is any indication. It does look healthy now also. Lets see how long it lives.
I do have it inside for now as we are into a cold spell. I will pamper it until spring inside.
I still think the nursery I bought it from was needing to find a new sucker

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mistushoes(z 7 Oregon)

Oh yes Gable, I have planted a large group of different seeds also.
I now have 2 Great Snow that are about 2 in tall and looking good!!That is only 2 out of 8 seeds of those that I planted. I keep hoping for more to sprout.The 2 sprouted after 18 days.
I also have planted : 25 musa ingens /10 red dwarf/
5 dwarf pink/ 8 Lavender/ I have 5 musa sp and 5 sp nov
I have about 25 different live plants from about 6 in to 6 ft We have them inside also now
here is a photo of the "(LITTLE PRINCE" THAT IS IN QUESTION

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mrbungalow(Z8, SW-Norway)

This goes for both musa little prince and super dwarf:
- Ugly, not resembling a banana at all
- A genetical "disaster"
- Uncapable of fruiting unless you're Dr.Greenthumb
- Basically a piece of junk formed as a weed

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mistushoes(z 7 Oregon)

Thanks mrbungalow,I do so agree as far as this so called little princess.I did send an e mail this am to the on line co I bought it from and stated same.
However I do have some pretty good looking cavandish. They do fit into the landscape pretty good with the larger.

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i just want to know how tall they will become when fully matured and wether or not i should leave it in a pot or can i put it in my garden? i don't know what everyone is complaining about. i bought mine at k mart about 5 months ago for about $10. it was about 9" tall with a 3" tall baby one right next to it. i separated them imediately. they have both grown about 2" since then. the larger one at about 11" tall now seems to keep about 6 leaves on it at all times since i remove the older ones as it grows because they become torn and weathered. i dont know if it is normal but the stalk becomes covered in black or very dark red or maroon spots and when i remove the oldest leaf the flesh from the one beneath it is green but only for a few days before it turns black again. it would be very attractive if i knew it was supposed to do that but i am unsure. the small one has 9 leaves on it. the lower leaves from when it was only 3" tall are only about 1" long and remain on the plant as they are in good condition. the newest leaves are at least 3 to 4" long. it is now at least 5" in height and they both seem healthy. i particularly like the bark like ball at the base. i don't know if they will make bananas but i bought it for its beauty. i do believe that losing certain characteristics such as fruit or flowers is a risk that is commonly taken when dwarfing or any genetic alteration is a factor. i dont know if this tree was genetically created or if its just a new found species or if its been around forever but i have never heard of it till i saw it at k mart. i think of it as a bonsai in which case you often have to sacrifice the fruit for the curious beauty.

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

See the link below for more information on Musa "Little Prince".


Here is a link that might be useful: More info on Musa

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