Rose Tree Getting No Sun

carlibabySeptember 25, 2009

I bought two rose trees yesterday. I have a 10x20 north facing patio and in the summer the front foot (20ft) has full sun during the day and then part of the side gets full sun in the evening. I put the rose trees in front where they would get full sun. The problem is, I must not have been paying attention over the past week because none of my patio has sun at all! The roses aren't my only concern; I also have blackfoot daisy, rosemary, thyme, basil, chives, and bougainvillea in the "sunny spots" that no longer get sun. I am assuming because it is fall the axis of the Earth has changed and we are facing the sun differently. So, does anyone have any suggestions for how my plants will be able to get through my sunless winter months even though I live in Phoenix?

p.s. The full sun starts about 1 foot outside of my patio! It is such a tease.

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Some roses can tolerate less sun than others. Do you happen to know which roses you purchased?

You may need to find your roses a new home, though. While the roses could probably do without direct sun during the summer, they will need it during the winter. Less than 4-6 hours of sunlight causes lanky/twiggy growth & sparse bloom.

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The two varieties I have are the Fragrant Cloud and the Diana, Princess of Wales which I think was re-named Elegant Lady.

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Neither of these has a reputation for growing in shade, I'm afraid. FC is prone to powdery mildew in spring and fall. Diana POW hasn't been renamed that I've heard. When first released, a percentage of each sale was set aside for her charity foundation. It's been widely available for the past few years so the benefit probably expired. Both are very fragrant and FC prefers a light pruning to a hard pruning come January.

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Are there any special garden lights with UV rays that can be put in or near the trees so they think they are in the sun? I am new to gardening, so am unsure what is out there as far as that goes.

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I really don't know about garden or UV lights. Checking with a local supplier or mail-order service might answer your question.

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