Help!!! Getting rid of aphids

diana55(z8a)December 17, 2005

Could someone tell me what the best way to get rid of aphids off my Banana plant.I have it indoors for the winter and it just started getting, these little green bugs.Any suggestions? Thanks Diana

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Hello Diana....I have around 50 potted Angel Trumpets in a spare room of my house, last week I noticed aphids on about half of them...I searched on Googel for a cure, many different opinions on how to cure these little things....I used 1 tspn of dawn dish liquid in a qt bottle sprayer, I tryed this, but it didn't seem to effect them...So I added just a tiny bit more dawn, sprayed again and it killed all of them....There was no effect on the leaves....You may want to wait on other opinions here before you try this, I don't know what effect this will have on banana leaves....Merry Xmas, SNC299

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Thanks!!!! I will give that a try.They are multiping by the day. I hope it works,and I'll let you know.I heard that dish soap doesn't hurt plant leaves. Thanks again!!! Diana

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Try using a horticultural'll do the trick. Also, make sure you use a mild dish soap and not a laundry detergent type soap...Z

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Thanks guys!!! I used the dish soap and water,and it worked great!!!All the aphids are gone.I put the dish soap and water in a spray bottle and sprayed the whole plant good. I left in on for about 2 hours,then rinsed them off.Wow,it sure worked great!!!Thanks alot!!!You saved another Banana plant.By the way I sure love this forum,and all the intelligent people on it!!!Thanks again!!!

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