Question about Bamboo

texasgirl54(8)November 8, 2009

I would like to grow Bamboo.

I like that they grow so bushy.

Where is the best place to buy it???

I checked with Lowes & Home Depot they don't have it or is it the wrong season???

Don't know to much about that Plant.

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I purchased some of mine online from Bamboo Nurseries. Lowes and Home Depot will have some in the early Spring but they are many times mis-identified.

I assume you are looking for a clumping bamboo?

Do you want it for a privacy screen or just as a single plant?

Zilker Gardens in Austin has some nice varieties to look at and get an idea of what you might want and what will grow in your area.


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I am interested in getting some bamboo starts. Don't know what would grow here. Would like a tall variety and also a timber variety. I live in the Tulsa on five acres partly woods.

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What are your Winter lows and how tall of a boo are you looking for?


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