Help, banana outgrowing the house!

Brokenhead(z3Man)December 9, 2006

Two years ago I started a red banana (Abysinian I believe). I grew it outdoors for the summer then dug it up and kept it in a heated shed for the winter. (I am in Manitoba and it gets mighty cold here in the winter). Last month we moved into a house with 12 foot ceilings and lots of windows so I thought wouldn't that banana plant look great growing in the house. Banana plant agreed and is growing way faster than I imagined. It was about 6 feet when I brought it in, including the pot. In the last month it has shot out three new leaves and they are huge. It must be 9 feet high now. I'm afraid that in 6 weeks from now it will be hitting the ceiling and then what do I do? Can I cut it back or will that kill it. It is a beautiful plant and I don't want to lose it. Can anyone help? Thank you.

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Boy, you got a problem! LOL just kidding! i have two of these guys. one red and one green.These guys get BIG! i mean big! even in pots. both of mine are about 20 feet tall. They can get bigger then that.Yes, you can cut it back and it will not hurt it.Other then that, keeping it potted should stunt it growth. But ive seen these guys get 12 feet tall in a pot.not much else i can say,maybe water less in the winter. In the wild , this banana can get 60 feet.

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Not usually cutting a banana will kill it
Granted it could go dormant.. but more than likely it will rejuvinate in warmer weather.. especially this fast grower....

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I live in Tuscaloosa. My next door neighbor has a grove of banana trees growing around his patio. After the first frost, he cuts them down with a chain saw. They bounce back the next summer.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Get a bigger house.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

I had a musa basjoo get its stem broken outside by a windstorm, and it bounced back in no time. It might be a little slower in a pot in winter, but I would think it would grow back just fine - but it's a little funky looking in the meantime! Be sure to cut back on water when you cut it since it won't have any/many leaves.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

broken head, I got a 9" high maurelli off ebay about a month ago. I potted it up to 6". It is now 20" tall and each leaf seems twice the size of the previous one. It is a long time 'till april when it can go outside. then it can go wild. I better not pot it up much more. they are a beautiful plant, though.

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It's amazing how big they will get, even in a tiny pot! I got a cavendish in a little 4 inch pot, and it's about 2 feet tall! I guess you don't have an attic or something with a tall roof peak to put it in during the winter? Our attic isn't heated, almost killed my key lime by accidentally leaving it up there when the cold weather hit.

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Chain saw. Cut a hole in the roof. Build greenhouse over hole. Happy banana. The things we do for our plants!
Tally HO!

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For some reason, I was thinking that Ensete are different. That you can't cut them back.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

seahorse, iknow they don't pup. I don't think they are actually a banana, in the true sense. They are my favorite though, really stunning.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback. I am a little scared to cut it down but when it hits the ceiling I guess I will have to.

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