How do I Dissolve a Bee Hive?

kevinsnessaOctober 22, 2006

My husband and I found a few thousand black bees in our septic system of our recreational trailer. We killed them all by flushing them out, but unfortunately they were living in there long enough to make a hive. Does anybody know of a way that I can dissolve their hive? We have pulled out bits and pieces, but can see that there is a lot more where we cannot reach.

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thisbud4u(San Diego)

Geez, no idea why this post never got answered. It's been on the forum for almost a month. I've never actually had to do this, but I hear that soapy water will kill bees. Not sure how soapy it has to be, probably quite soapy. Of course there are lots of sprays that you can buy for this purpose. Just ask anyone at a farm store and they can help you.

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