Moving a hive box 30 feet only

newbeegirlOctober 14, 2009

I am a new beekeeper (about three weeks). Bees swarmed to my front porch and I have successfully put them into a box. Now I want to move the box to the garden area of my yard approximately 30 feet west from their original choice of location (nice with dapple sunlight). Can I do this without too much trouble??? I realize I will need to do this at the appropriate time, but will they re-orient themselves to the new location or because it is too close to the old location, will they want to come back to the porch? They are very docile at this time but don't know if it is a good idea to continue to have them in such close proximity to my entry door to the house, although I love to see them everyday. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have heard that if you ask 10 beekeepers the same question, you will get 10 different answers...guess I looking for the the one that I want to hear...LOL...just kidding.

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You can move them 2 ft a day untill you get it where you want it or move it late in the evening (after all the bees are home)then put a branch in front of the hive (make it hard to get out) this should make them reorintate to the new spot GOOD LUCK

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I used to work for a pollinator, moving hundreds of hives hundreds of miles.
Make the move either late evening or wee hours of the morning when it's dark.
We would put screening over the entrance and staple screen bits over any other access.
It is amazing that when they leave in the morning they know which hive to return to from the many on site.
#2 of ten.

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Look at the link below for the hive moving info you need. It is possible to move a hive any distance you want without complications if you know how. Hope it suits your needs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moving Bees

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