bees in compost

flowbenOctober 31, 2008

I started a new compost pile a few weeks ago. Nothing fancy, just kitchen vegetable scraps, leaves and will put on some grass from our final mowing of the season. I read somewhere to put on some sugar to help get it started.

Sooo now I have honeybees that seem to be building a nest. I'd like to encourage them to leave without harming them. Bees are already in so much trouble. I have children, so I really can't allow them to stay. Any suggestions? Will they vacate during the winter?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Honeybees don't build nest in compost, you might attract them by the sugar?
I can see wasp heaving a nest, [it's too late in the season for
building one] not to worry about any of these bees, cold wetter will kill the wasp and
honeybees go home.


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barbara_muret(ctr OK)

I have two honeybee hives... they will sometimes find interest in my compost pile... sometimes rotting releases sugars... I also lay cracked corn in the gravel of my driveway for winter birds and they spend a lot of time there is the sun has warmed they corn, they must be able to extract sugars...

But the behaviour you witness is just massing over the sugars, they are taking it back to their hive (not building a hive)...

It would be a wonderful way to teach your children to respect tiny creatures without fear. The bees will not sting unless threatened. They might fly up when you dump compost but they're not going to attack you.

Bees die if they sting you. They don't want to sting you.

Think of it as saving a specie by feeding a 'wild creature'.

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