Attacting bees but NOT ants

bunks(Australia)October 20, 2007


I'm looking to attract bees into my small balcony garden. I am going to put out some sugar syrup as mentioned in an earlier post, but don't want ants to find it...

Is there anything that could be used to deter the ants? Do water barriers help? (ie a moat?)

Also, if the bees do find it, will they ignore my veggies that need pollinating, perhaps prefering the syrup?



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Hi Bunks,
I dont know if this will work for you, but we place syrup in feeder jars on top of an upside down pie plate on top of a brick and put axle grease on the bottom of the pie plate. The grease keeps the ants from getting to the syrup. Lisa

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Bunks, As far as the pollinating goes, the bees will still be attracted to the veggie garden. They need to collect pollen to store for feeding the brood.

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