A pleasent surprise in my garden

nutcr0ckerSeptember 10, 2010

I had planted a armenian cucumber 2 mos back the vine has been doing fine butto my surprise yesterday saw a hube cucmber hanging on the outer side of my wall I hope the photos post fine

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Love those surprises! Good job.

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Check the rest of the vine - they hide very well for something that is the size of a baseball bat.

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Wow! What do they taste like?

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Nice! My vines haven't been as impressive as I'd hoped, and I'd love to find a surprise like yours. My 'Tigger' melon hasn't been very impressive either, sigh, LOL, although my bitter melon has been AMAZING. Thanks for posting the pics, congrats on the big fruit!

Take care,

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thisisme - they taste like cucumbers, but the flesh is not quite as watery. They also don't go bitter as soon as cukes do, and stay edible longer.

This is an aggressively LARGE vine if you give it a trellis to climb on.

They start out skinny and pleated, and plump up from stem to end. I harvest as soon as the pleats have filled out over most of the cucumber. Longer than that and some of the seeds are getting tough.

I left one to mature on the vine so I can gather seeds, and it's getting really fat.

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It's amazing how these huge cukes can be hidden from sight, isn't it? Mine is currently infested with aphids so don't know if there is any saving it. They are great just eaten raw, diced in fruit salads and can also be sliced like zucchini and grilled or sauteed. May have to peel them if the skin is tough, a great plant to have! Thanks for the photo,

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They are very good with a bit of rice vinegar, well chilled and a dash of salt. Seems to bring out the cuke flavor.

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