Looking for Extractor Recommendations

bramblebeeOctober 26, 2004

Good Day,

I'm need to buy a honey extractor. I just have two hives and will at some point have three to four.

Any recommendations on manufacturers or preferences?


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I use a Maxant brand and it seems to do just fine, Dadant Beekeeping Supply Co is a great place to purchase supplies I live close to the one in VA The closes one to you is in Iowa, I think. 1-877-732-3268 Know matter what you choose go with a motor driven extracter. Contact your State Apiarist and he can set you up with a local bee club and through networking you might find a used one. When you start your apiary you might consider staying with one brand of hives and frames. Different manufactures make their boxs and frames a little different and some don't interchange.

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I have one that is hardy used, 4 frame stainless steel. Please e-mail for info: mrtejas at lycos.deletethis.com

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