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plf333(z6 Ca)October 12, 2006

Hi, A friend has a couple old bee hives she wants to get rid of. I just wondered if I set them out in a field would bees be interested & if so would they be totally self sufficient? I would just put them out there & be done with em. They're on their own?

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txbeeguy(z8 TX)

Most (all?) states have agricultural laws controlling beekeeping either as a hobby or as a commercial endeavor.
Do you own the field? Are you in a "killer bee" inhabited area of California? (and are you ready for that potential liability?)
Since I'm guessing your interest may lie along a desire to have some pollinating done by the critters, it would be better to have a honeybee nest that could not be traced to any "man made" enticement or encouragement on your part (such as wooden beehives would indicate).

If, on the other hand, some wild stray swarm took up residence in some old hollow tree cavity or in the exterior siding of some old out building then you would have that saying made so famous during Watergate days: "plausible deniability" should the ag inspectors ever come nosing around.

Having, what would basically amount to abondoned beehives doesn't strike me as the smartest thing to do.

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