Sunset Glow in Zone5 ???

ditasNovember 19, 2009

Hello Bamboo Enthusiasts - I'm new to this forum & read a few threads ... didn't realize I could grow one outdoors in z5!!! The closest to bamboo I've cared for, is the popular indoor *Lucky Bamboo*.

I'm thinking of an interesting shrub as a memorial plant for a brother I just lost. Someone from my State & zone posted a pic of their absolutely beautiful pair and got me searching!!! Â;)

Last month I dug up a huge/old Hosta Plantagenia, from a AM/sun site, for the intended memorial shrub. Other shrubs in the fence-line border site: Snow Queen- Oakleaf Hy'dra, Ivory Halo-Cornus Alba & (planned mem.shrub) & Alice-Oakleaf H. at the end. One reputable nursery has Sunset Glow on Fall sale at 50% off. I went to Monrovia site, this is what I found ... Wow! what else can one ask for!!!

Bamboo, Sunset Glow Dwarf Hardy

This non-invasive bamboo has impressed growers because it is extremely cold hardy, fast growing, heat tolerant, sun tolerant, and drought tolerant. Rufa also has beautiful, orange-red cane sheaths and does very well as a specimen plant and in containers. Perfect as a dense hedge. Hardy zones 5-8.

Could anyone tell me of your experiences? How does it look like in Winter? Will it die back? $20 - 2gal plant, a good deal?

Many TIA!!! Â;)

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Not sure about your area but here, $20 sounds like a great deal, unless the plant is small.

I know someone who is growing a plant in Wisconsin zone 5a.

Once the plant reaches maturity, or at least gets some size to it, it should do fine, although in very hard Winters it may freeze to the ground, but will recover nicely the following year.

Any Winter protection will help, especially planting it next to a warm building.

Someone closer to your area may have better advice.

Good Luck


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Thanks Kt - I'm not a stranger to *over-wintering Garden Divas* I just put 9 to bed these past 2 days ... 3 more to go & 5 lesser Divas, will just get caged & dry collected leaves-surround. 2 more ?? ... circumference at maturity, I was told that the max hgt is 8' & would 4-5 hrs of AM sun do OK?

Do you happen to have Sasa Hayatae or Veitchii ... love the white edging ... would make a good neighbor for Ivory Halo!

The nursery will call me back tomorrow w/ the specs ... they were closing when I inquired - she has 4 of them, I have time to learn more, in the mean time.

Many thanks again for responding! Â;)

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That should be plenty of sun. I was told that heavy mulching around the bottom is good but to leave the top exposed.

Mature height under ideal conditions is about 8 to 10 feet.

The only Sasas that I grow are S. Kurilensis ÂShimofuri ÂFallen Snow and Sasa Palmata.


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This is a repost from another thread ... since it was here that I originally asked the ??? Alan1 suggested to visit the sites I mentioned below ... 'thought would be helpful for those contemplating on acquiring some ... zone5 compatible Bamboos

Hello Alan 1 - I thought to return to this thread to thank you, for your wise suggestion to visit Michigan as well as Needmore Bamboo Companies, for more info about Bamboo growing in our more trying zones!

Needmore's "The reality of Growing Bamboos in Zones 5 & 6" particularly ... I quote: "I've recently come to terms with my 'zonal denial' and I accept that most springs I may have to clear cut nearly all of the previous year's above ground growth".& "I live on the edge of zones 5b/6 and in an average winter the temperature will fall to at least -10F. At these temperatures nearly every species of my bamboo collection will likely suffer total leaf loss and in all most cases, total top kill of the culms." He also warns wanna be or "new Bamboo growers" of other realities for at least 5 years!

Reading through, I had to face the fact that at 72, I may not have the luxury of enjoyment since I already have 12-16 high to near-high-maintenance, Garden Divas + a female Ginkgo tree to enslave to!!! Â:( ... have several & love planting, remembrance/memorial plants that are meaningful & symbolic ... my baby brother lived in the Orient all his life ... what more beautiful & symbolic plant than a Bamboo, I thought!!! His name is Henry & July born, so my other choices are a *Clethra-Little Henry* or *Ivory Halo - Cornus Alba* red sticks in Winter (for July)!

There were many encouraging Bamboo virtues ... resiliency, particularly, but for the emotional/sentimental reasons of my search, for a meaningful & symbolic memorial plant, at this stage of my gardening life ... I'll have to forego, Bamboo! Sigh!!! Â:(

FWIW ...
Enjoy your Bamboo plants & to all of you, Happy Holidays!!! Â;)

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