WANTED: Begonia solananthera

mare2(5bSt.Louis)May 24, 2012

Have begonia 'Pink Minx,' epiphyllum oypetalum, cryptocereus anthonyanus, noid pink epiphyllums (supposedly fragrant), sansevieria parva, and lots of zone 5-6, fragrant perennials. Just ask! Am a generous trader. Thanks!

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If you're after this one for its *reported* fragrance, there is none that I can detect. I have it and 'Potpourri', both from Taylor's. Now I'm after 'Fragrant Beauty.'

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Thanks, judyfl! I did order this one before getting your message, and you're right--I can't detect any fragrance, either. Where do people get this about fragrance?? I once had 'My Angel' and 'Tea Rose' I believe, and those too were supposed to be fragrant (but weren't to my nose). Is it me? The conditions? I've had them indoors and out, hot, cold, sunny, shady, etc. I also have 'Olive Garden' from Kartuz, and I don't smell a thing there, either. I'd appreciate it if you'd post if you ever do find a truly fragrant one, and I'll do the same!

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Correction--one of the ones I tried was 'Honeysuckle.' Think there were three at the time that Logee's was advertising as fragrant, and I ordered them all.

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