Help bugs infested my spectabilis

calltc1983December 5, 2012

I have some strange bugs on my Spectabilis and it is dying although I am not sure if the bug is the actual reason it is dying. I recently left town for a few days and my girlfreind moved the plant right above the heater so its had a constant blast of heat right on it. Also I have not planted it outside yet because winter is quickly approaching although I know Spectabilis are cold hardy bamboo it is a young plant and I don'tt want risk killing so I put it in what I had for now which is a 10gallon pot until I get a bigger one and then in spring plant it outside. But it has been in this small pot for a couple months now so I'm thinking this could be another reason it is dying. Any help would be appreciated thanks

Also I have 2 other plants within a foot of this plant and they are not affected with bugs they are a Ivy and a musa basjoo

here are pics

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Those look like aphids of some type and I doubt if they are the reason for your bamboo to look that way.

It looks like the extended heat dried out the leaves, but as long as the soil/roots/rhizomes did not dry out, the plant should come back but you will need to put it in a better place. Try somewhere warm with some direct sunlight for a while until it recovers.

Good Luck


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