Help! Bees trapped inside tree hollow.

bvalOctober 24, 2009

There were two established colonies of honeybees on my new property. One inside the wall, and one in the hollow of the oak tree in our driveway/front yard. I had the ones in the wall relocated to a community garden. I called a beekeeper about the ones in the tree because I was constantly crossing paths with them and they had even flown inside our cars and home several times. I was told that most likely the bees would move on eventually if they did not die or go dormant in the winter. We had a really sudden burst of cold weather and I thought the bees were gone so I took some advice of the web and filled the hole with expanding foam. Almost two weeks later, I went to remove the excess foam and cover the hole with something decorative. Much to my suprise I heard the bees buzzing inside!! I put my hand on the foam and I could feel the vibration. Now, I can hear the foam crackling and I'm most certain that the bees are in the process of gnawing their way out. What I am afraid of, is that they will escape in an extremely aggitated state. They are VERY close to my frount door. I have two infants. I am afraid of what will happen if they get out. Can anyone give me advice or ease my worried mind? I tried to educate myself and do the best I could, but now I am in trouble. Thanks in advance. -B-

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The bees are indeed chewing their way out but, no, they are not out for vengence. Lucky for you, as it is the lack of knowledge such as you demonstrate that has led to most bad bee encounters.
Get in touch with your local county extension agent and he/she will give you a list of beeks (short for beekeeper) in your area. Most will not do a cut out (the term for removing the bees and hive) but some will. Also this late in the year it would be best for the bees to leave them alone until spring. Go ahead and find you a good beek though as he/she can best advise you on how to co exist with your apian (latin for bee) neighbors.
Or, if you must, contact a local NWCO (nuisance wildlife control operator) or PCO (pest control operator) that is licensed to deal with honeybees in your state to do away with them.
BTW I am both a beek and an NWCO. I also have a box of bees less than ten steps from my back door and I have a toddler. They are not the danger you imagine.

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