WANTED: begonia

raylynn2(8a)July 22, 2013

I am looking for any type of begonias rex, angel wing you name it I just love begonias and all I have is one plain angel wing :( here is my list of stuff I can currently take trades form if any one is interested please let me know.

Grandfathers pipe,
alligator plant,
big mamma kalanchoe,
lace kalanchoe,
noid succulent vine very fast grower can send pics, desert rose babie only 2,
dog tail cactus,
noid tal column cactus from seed,
rat tail cactus,
ice plant ,
Argentinian optunia,
burro tail sedum,
jellybean sedum,
rice cactus,
birds nest sans,
regular sans with or with out white line,
dwarf umbrella tree,
2 different xmas cactus,
watch chain,
heart leaf philo,
green emerald,
pink unknown sedum,
king coleus
another big king type coleus

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