Looking for a residential privacy screen rec. for Zone 6/7

jcflysDecember 17, 2007

I am looking for a privacy screen recommendation for my back yard. We just built an IPE deck (beautiful Brazilain hardwood) and are looking to add a privacy screen to block out the house behind us. Some info:

We are just outside Baltimore MD. The area would be 40-50 feet long and I would like to keep it as narrow as possible so I could keep a decent amount of space between my property line and my deck. This is a residential community so I would like something that actually looks classy, (the HOA would have a fit)not like a weed. I am looking for something that would grow rather quickly (the house behind us is elevated a bit) and have a nice dense structure year round if possible. The area gets lots of direct mid afternoon sun but would be shaded by my house from about 4pm on in the summer. I hate the look of evergreens and would like to try some bamboo if possible.

Thanks for your help.


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I am not completely certain my suggestion would work in your space but what the heck. You might consider Black Nigra bamboo. I grow it here in Northern CA and we get as low as 10 - 12 degrees during the winter although that is rare. Normaly around low to mid 20's is the lowest.

At any rate I find this bamboo to be truly gorgeous at our place. I just love it. My growing conditions are a bit different. It receives mostly filtered morning sun and a bit of filtered late afternoon sun. So far so good. Providing a link below for more info at Dave's Garden on this bamboo.

Hope this helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Black Nigra bamboo

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Kate I have given that some consideration. My only question is that it states that Nigra tends to wilt over instead of growing straight up. Have you noticed this at all. I think the black culms would be nice with my deck. I have also been considering Spectabilis. That species grows very straight and has a beautiful color.

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I planted some Yellow Groove in the back of my yard to screen out the neighbors. It is cold hardy enough for you, and is supposed to remain evergreen year round. It is supposed to grow to 25 feet tall here, but I have heard reports of 40 feet. It gets nice yellowish gold canes. I'm not sure if it'll look classy enough for you, but it will definitely screen out the house and has that classic bamboo look.

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Hmm. So laying over a bit eh? I will take some pictures of mine for you. It seems pretty upright to me. Mine would probably be more upright if it received more sun I expect.

The Spectabilis is just beautiful. I don't grow it but I checked it out online. Seems like either would be nice.

I will try to get my photo later today. Might have some snow on it still:)


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Yellowgroove and black may both flop over markedly on the edges of a planting, when the leaves are wet. For cold climates with limited space Fargesia are the best bet - except that most species must have quite a bit of shade.

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