A Couple More Weeks! :)

haname(z9 AZ NE Phoenix)September 17, 2012

Okay so this week is expected to be hot, but in a week or two we should be able to start planting lots of stuff, right? What are your plans? Please do share

Also a question about Rapini. Who grows it here and how are you doing it? Seeds I planted in a seed starter on the 15th are already sprouted. When they're big enough to thin I have some nursery 6-packs ready for them, but when ready to transplant, would you recommend growing in ground or in pots?

Oh, and another question about Freesia. :) I bought some corms today. What do you like to plant with your freesia in pots to fill in until it blooms?

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Oh, I so love freesia! Can you tell me where you got your corms?

I've never planted rapini, so I can't help there. What is it like?

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haname(z9 AZ NE Phoenix)

I got the freesia corms from Home Depot, the single mix which was all they had but I'm good with that.

Rapini is healthy and yummy Italian greens, sort of like a combination of broccoli, asparagus and turnip greens. It's good blanched then chopped and sauteed with garlic and butter with red pepper flakes, dried cranberries and pine nuts.

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

plstqd, one of my favorite places to get bulbs is below. They have a lot of the S. African things that do well here. They have terrific customer service and good prices on large bulbs.

And they do have Freesia, my favorite flower - most of my wedding bouquet was made of it.

Oh, and they also carry Crocus satvius, for anyone interested in growing their own saffron. Thankfully, they multiply pretty quickly 'cause it would take 1000 of them to make paella, lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy to grow bulbs.

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I direct seed rapini and for a small family a couple of plants would probably be enough. They grow to about 3ft. tall and around so they take some space, probably do well in a large pot but I grow in ground. Once they start producing there should be an endless supply til it warms and they bolt. One of my favorites for sure.
I'm planting fall vegetables now, all from seed and in ground and 1 grow box. Planting now are turnips, kale, mustard greens, beets, fennel, rapini, cabbage, peas and parsnips. I have seedlings of onions and leeks that'll probably go in Oct. and Nov. I'll start lettuces and radishes in a week or so, hopefully some of this will be ready by Thanksgiving. I also have tomato seedlings to plant mid Oct. I love this time of year, still warm but the mornings and evenings are great, starting to feel a bit like fall.
I plant freesias in pots with other flowers and poke them around in the flowerbeds. Love them!


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