WANTED: Rattail Cactus for Begonia w/Coral Blooms

catsoup(zone 6)August 12, 2006

I would like a rattail cactus plant. I think they usually have pink blooms. I saw one that had an orage bloom. I would like the one with the orange bloom. I have 2 epis, rooted plants. One has a red bloom, the other a bright pink bloom. I also have rooted yellow mums, begonias with coral blooms that are gorgeous. These are nice plants, not just rooted starts


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Hi Kathie

I'm interested in trading for your coral-flowering begonia....is it a cane-type?

I have a cactus that could be called a Rat Tail Cactus....It's small, just a couple of starts, but I have a whole greenhouse full of other things I could trade also.

If you're interested, I could get more information & pics of various things.

Here's a short list, not all:

Ctenanthe Lubbersiana - California Ginger--couple of pups I could separate

Alocasia Macrorhizza - plain green, couple of good-sized pups

NO ID Rex Beg - rooted leaf, just beginning to show a group of new leaves

Assorted cactus--got some nice Echinopsis in particular, various opuntias, several rooted Stapelia, and others...the rat-tail is one I recently got, several cuttings about 3-4 inches long

Assorted succulents--sedums, graptopetalum, echevaria Black prince (kinda small), Euphorbia millii (red, old-fashioned), other Euphorbias, Crassula (perforata?), common aloe, plus others

assorted Iris--but don't know colors/names, large hybrids
Hosta lancifolia
a white perennial salvia

I could go on, but it's early in the morning for me--can't remember everything LOL still need a couple more cups of coffee.

ANYONE ELSE, I'd love to trade for some begonias, preferably cane- or shrub-types.


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