How to know when is real honey or mixed

Happy_rose(Knoxville, Tn)October 19, 2005

Hi, I bought honey today for $8 at a lady's house. She had

those boxes where bees are keep all around in her front porch and drive way. There were at least 12 boxes. They all had rocks on top medium size in each box. The flavor makes me wonder wether it has been mixed is extremely, extremely, sweet. I just wonder how can you test to see if it is real honey? I am allergic to pollen and the way I used to test it was to put a spoonfull in my tongue and if it started itching or went numb or tingly, then it was real. But with all the medicine I have taken It quit working. Any tips?

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ccrb1(z5 IND)

well, real honey contains suspended pollen. At least raw, unfiltered honey does. While there are problems with the purity and adulteration of honey, it's primarily, I believe, with imported honey. Buying from a beekeeper is usually a safer bet. Some beekeepers, sometimes, run short of honey and buy from "another beekeeper" and again, that could be suspect.

I think what you need to do is explain to the beekeeper that you have an allegy to eating pollen, and you need the honey to be heated and highly filtered. The beekeeper will most likely object that such acts run the goodness in honey, but she might be able to oblige nonetheless.

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