Southeastern Blueberry Bee

rufhausOctober 13, 2013

I am a grower of blueberries in East Texas who is interested in attracting the Southeastern Blueberry Bee to help me pollinate my blueberries. I already have a number of wild bumblebee nests that are doing just fine, but I have heard that the Habropoda laboriosa/Southeastern Blueberry Bee is a much better pollinator and I would like to encourage them to set up house in my blueberry fields. Any info on companion plants to attract them, housing that I can build to make their stay more appealing, and to help the hives grow would be appreciated.

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the blueberry bee is native to North America and is a solitary ground-nester that digs tunnels in the soil. It provisions its nest with pollen and nectar obtained primarily from blueberry bushes. It produces a single generation per year and is active for only a few weeks in the spring.
I do not know of way to keep this type of bee nor do I know of anyone that even tries to raise them.

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