WANTED: I have many Begonias available for trade

stovall_gardens(8)September 3, 2008

HI, I would like to invite everyone to look at the list of begonias on my trades list. I am wanting to trade for any I don't have and of course that I want. I am searching mostly for Begonia luxurians. I have many other plants I did not list so if you want other plants instead of begonias, email me with requests. Thanks, Laura

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Please contact me about the aconitifolia (staghorn) begonia. I don't think my direct emails are getting through to you.


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Laura ...

Do you have an alternate email? For some reason I am receiving your emails but you are not receiving mine ....I've written four so far to your yahoo address, but it is apparent you aren't getting any of them. (I am getting all of yours .....I have some wonderful stuff for you!)

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Laura ...

I've sent email to your alternate address. If you haven't received that either, could you please send an email direct to me with your phone number so that I may call?


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laura i have been trying to contact you, have you rec my mails...norma

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sedum_gal(z8, Seattle)

Did you ever find a Begonia luxurians? If not, I can get you one from a nursery nearby...
Mine is small and wimpy, otherwise I would offer to root cuttings for you.


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