comparing bamboos for eating?

cousinfloydDecember 22, 2013

Has anyone eaten different species of bamboo and can say something about how they compare? I planted moso this past year, but I'm wondering if, for eating, sweetshoot would be better/different enough to be worth adding.

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Many say that sweetshoot is one of the best, if not the best, but I think it depends on how the new shoots are prepared for eating. Some say that certain species can be eaten raw, and taste great. Some species have to be cooked or can be poisonous if eaten raw, so keep that in mind. I like the look of bamboo too much to eat any new shoots, but that's just me. :)


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Hey Cuz
I Planted Sweet Shoot about 5 years ago. It died back to the roots the first two years but the tops have lived the last three years, zone 5b.
Tonite with -10 deg. I'll bet it dies back again,
I've eaten the shoots of Sweet Shoot. It's good, no gastric distress at all. I cut only short shoots, less than 16 inches. I've seen on videos that they cut them at about 3 foot to eat. I stir fried them.

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