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goodluckkittySeptember 3, 2009

My hubby and I have a small grass backyard here in Mesa. We have a very large Mulberry (yuck!) that shades half the yard. When we moved in 5 years ago, we had St Augustine in the shade and Bermuda in the sun. Last October we planted Winter Rye for the first time, and I am HOOKED. We have 2 Great Danes, and they just loved it.

I stopped watering in May to let the Rye die and the Bermuda come back... but it didn't! The St Augustine didn't either. I have a couple of patches, but really, 70% of my yard is dead grass and dirt.

I have been raking up dead grass and leaves, and here is my question... I am due to have our first baby (!!!!) Oct 12th. The dogs HAVE to be walked 3X a day a week before the seed and for 3 weeks after the seed goes down. (Great Danes have BIG bladders.) All the websites online say don't plant until Oct, overnight temps 60, but the garden center said I can plant in 1-2 weeks but I have to water lightly 5-6 times a day. I won't be able to wait until October, because of the baby. (Well, maybe I could, but it would be a big pressure on the hubby.)

Can I plant in 1-2 weeks? Any advice?

Thank you in advance!!!


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arizonny(z9 Tempe)

Rye grass will dye out as soon as the weather warms. You do no need to stop watering for this to happen. The bermuda, needs water. I have never had St Augustine so I can't speak to that but with the wear & tear that Great Danes give your grass, I'm quite certain it needs ample water too.

I watch the Big Box stores. When the seed and topping is stacked to the rafters, it's time to seed.

Is there any way you can cordon off a section on the yard for dog use only? At least while the Rye has a chance to sprout?

BTW. I have never watered mine 5-6 times per day. Maybe 3 times but usually twice.

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Oh, I guess I wasn't clear. I want to plant early so I can walk the dogs 3X a day in the park before the baby comes. There is NO way I would try to germinate grass with them even walking on it (BIG muddy paws!)

The little nurseries have rye, but I will check the big box too. Even if the day is around 100 you think I can water 2-3 times per day?

Thanks! Dale

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You can start the overseed in a week or two. A little soon but ok. You must keep it moist. When I do it early i will water 9 times a day for 1 min each. You can do 5-6 at 2-3 mins and be fine. The bermuda did not come back i would guess do to all the shade from the tree.

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