HAVE: Begonia luxurians

mark4321_gwDecember 7, 2012

I have Begonia luxurians for trade or for postage. I've also posted 4 different rooted cuttings on the main Gardenweb Exchange forum.

I've somewhat arbitrarily designated 2 of the plants below for postage (#1 and #2) and the other two for trades. If I don't find trades that interest me I'll send the others for postage as well. #3 has a basal shoot coming from a buried node; #4 is a tip cutting that was rooted before my big plant collapsed.

Most of the cuttings I have were rooted following the collapse of my big plant, which I believe happened after an animal jumped on it:


As far as trades, at the moment I'm looking for Aristolochia grandiflora (see link at bottom). There are a handful of other things I am looking for, such as blooming size plants/divisions of Masdevallia caesia, Cymbidium tracyanum (but not other Cymbidiums) and cool growing Stanhopeas. I'm also interested in Platyceriums (besides bifurcatum) and unusual epiphytes. For trade, B. luxurians could be combined with other thing(s) mentioned in the link at the bottom, or perhaps other things I can propagate. In general I'm out of space, and so am limited in the sorts of things I can take. Besides space, one thing I lack is full sun. I might be interested in more Begonias; maybe not.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aristolochia grandiflora post, with other plants listed

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I would love to grow a begonia. They are so beautiful. How much would postage cost? I don't have mic to trade, I'm somewhat just starting out.

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