Need help on H. reticulatum seeds germination.

Nititii P.August 1, 2014


This is H. reticulatum x Evergreen seed pod that just start to open today.

1. When is the best time to collect the seeds? Asap the pod open or later until the inside of the pod turn to orange color?
2. How to germinate the seeds.

Thank you so much.

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As soon as the pods cracks open I would remove them and sow them in water (your choice of germinating methods of course). If you haven't worked with reticulatum seeds or crosses before you will find they are very fat.

I did some crosses with Autumn Pink Lady (Japanese) as well as Santos and the seeds were all as fat as good be and they took the better part of 6 weeks to germinate. I thought for sure they never would but then like a timer went off, they all started to germinate at once! I have a couple dozen seeds now growing with little striped leaves!!

Good luck, âºâºâºDonna

I just wanted to add, that I have an Evergreen about to open with 6 flowers and I was thinking that I would basically make the same cross, only using Autumn Pink Lady. My pollen is frozen so I will have to dig it out when the flowers open. I also have a Misty blooming but she is extremely pale ( as usual) so I'm not sure if I will put Autumn Rose Lady on her or not, but I might to pink up up!! I also have a Limona that should be open in several days. I have all sorts of frozen pollen so I guess I won't be able to resist making a few crosses in the middle of summer!

If mine take, in about 4 years we will have to compare flower results! I'm being very optimistic I know...

Here is a picture of my Autumn Pink Lady. My two bulbs have rooted but no signs of any leaves yet....âºâºâº

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Very lovely, Donna!

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I started some hippeastrums from seed and had nearly 100% success. My sister, who took some of my seeds had only one come up. I had planted mine very shallow, and she had planted hers rather deep. When you sow your seeds, you might try varying depths, including on the surface of the soil. I kept mine evenly moist. Did not float in water or anything like that, but I am sure that works as well, in which case, clearly the seeds like a bit of light. Wonderful plants. I like the photo posted by Donna, and especially all the treasures in the background!

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Nititii P.

Thank you so much Donna, Janartmuse.

Donna, your Autumn Pink Lady is so beautiful. Evergreen x Autumn Pink Lady should have very beautiful flowers. Good luck in pollination.


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Nititii P.

Now some seeds germinated in 7 Days.


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Were your seed oversized? All my seeds with reticulatum in them were. I can't believe yours germinated so quickly, that's great!! Mine took about 6 weeks!!

I pollinated my Evergreen with my Autumn Pink Lady until I ran out of pollen; it's still early but I'm hopeful as I'm working on a well rooted good sized bulb and Evergreen has given me good seeds before....


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Nititii P.

Donna, Normally H. Reticulatum seeds are round and H. Reticulatum x Evergreen seeds also in round shape. H. Reticulatum is very hard to set seed. I pollinated about 80 flowers and get only 6 seed pods I have tried many pollens on her until I ran out of pollen also. ^__^

Please update you pollination.

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Thanks for the picture of the seeds. They are definitely different than mine were, as you say, round, mine were just fat and misshapen but viable.

I do have one pot with several bulbs of reticulatum which have yet to bloom for me and when one finally does, I might be asking you which pollens were successful for you!

I will keep you updated as to whether I have any success with Autumn Pink Lady's pollen, I put it on Limona and two flowers of Evergreen. I also put Party Pooper on both Limona and Evergreen which is a stunner, (to me anyway)âºâºâºDonna
Here's a picture of my beloved Party Pooper..

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Ooh... nice! :-)

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Nice photos y'all

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